Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amanda's first day after Cochlear Implant Surgery

Amanda had a great first day after her CI surgery!  Since she'll be 14 this month, usually the first thing out of her hands is, "My birthday is next week!"  However, this morning the first thing was, "It's almost August!"  Her activation is August 12th and none of us can wait!

She let us take these photos although she did not want us to take any of the removal of the pressure bandage.  She named her monkey, which she deemed a girl, HR, as these initials are on her shirt. This comes from HiResolution Bionic Ear System from Advanced Bionics.  Each child receiving an Advanced Bionics HiRes cochlear implant receives a monkey with a removable velcro cochlear implant processor, coil and magnet.  (See a video clip in A Little "Monkey" Business post dated Sunday, July 13, 2008.)

Amanda with HR  August 12th they will have matching CI's when Amanda is activated and receives her behind the ear (BTE) processor.  This will be the start of the process to see just how much benefit a motivated prelingual deaf 14 year old with a bilateral profound hearing loss will receive from a cochlear implant, and how she will incorporate sound into her life.

Amanda's incision  Her surgeon did a fabulous job with everything and really took his time to make sure everything went just right, which is why the procedure took 4 1/2 hours.  He cut NO HAIR and used dissolvable stitches on her incisions as well as on two ear tags he removed.

Goldy is enjoying the afternoon floating around on a raft.  Sadly, Amanda can't swim for 10 days, so she was watching from the sidelines but didn't complain at all.

Gonzálo and Jennifer are posing for a photo taken by Amanda.  

Her doctor wanted us to call him today to let him know how she's doing.  Together we made up a rough list of what we'd say to him:
How Amanda is doing: Surgeon's Response:

She has some pain and is taking Tylenol regularly  
Normal-will ease up
Her throat is a little sore from the breathing tube  
Normal-will ease up
Her ear is numb  
Common-may take a few months
She is a bit dizzy at times  
Normal-will ease up
Thank the doctor for removing her ear tags  
It was his pleasure
The doctor is a nice man  
Genuinely touched

We can't say enough great things about her surgeon.  He gave us his cell phone number and said we can call him any time!  We don't have anything to compare with regarding ENT surgeons, but I'm guessing this isn't common.

Here's hoping Amanda will continue to do well with the recovery process this week. She gets to wash her hair the day after tomorrow!! 


elizabeth said...

This is a great blog! I hope you'll consider adding it to the aggregator at Deaf Village (www.deafvillage.com)!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

I'll check it out, Elizabeth. Thanks! I've been tuning in to you and Rachel's stories for months. Just confirms that there's more than one way to be deaf! :-)

elizabeth said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! Fingers crossed for a good activation and patience for while you have to wait!

Jonathan said...

Congratulations Amanda and family! I'm glad to see things went so well and I can't wait to find out more tomorrow. Take care.

Student Clinician, LLU

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks Elizabeth. Yeah we have to hurry up and wait!

Jon, We'll tell you all about it when we come for speech! Amanda is full of stories!!

Laurie said...

Amanda's incision looks great! Hope she is healing well and looking forward to August 12th!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Laurie! Yeah, her incision keeps looking better each day. She's pretty much back to normal. We spent the day at Disneyland/DCA for her birthday and she was on the go non-stop. I think that's pretty good for 13 days post-op. August 12th can't come fast enough!!