Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amanda July 6, 2008-Part 2 of 10 Captioned

Here is Part 2 of 10 of Amanda's Video

Family, Friends and Videophones

This video clip was taped 8 days before her CI surgery.  In it, while her dog, Goldy continually licks her face, Amanda verbally counts to 10 and pronounces names of  family and friends.  She also goes into an ASL account of  how she taught her friend, Chris sign language and how they both got VPs.

For those who may not know, a VP is a Videophone provided to deaf and hard of hearing people who primarily use sign language. Ours is from Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS) and we are very happy with it.  

Amanda can communicate directly via American Sign Language (ASL) with her deaf friends by calling from her VP to their direct VP phone number.  She can also communicate with her hearing relatives through use of the VRS.  She can call their number from her VRS and a relay operator automatically comes on and conveys by voice the message Amanda is signing to the hearing relative.  The hearing relative speaks the response and the VRS operator signs to Amanda.

If the hearing relative wishes to call Amanda, there is is separate phone number they call that is Amanda's direct number.  It automatically connects to a VRS operator who speaks to the hearing relative and Amanda's VP lights up as the VRS operator makes the connection.

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