Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amanda Illustrating Her List/Jennifer's Poem

The day before Amanda had yet another appointment to plead her case as to why she'd be a  worthy candidate for a cochlear implant, (which incidentally, at that appointment, she was turned down...again) she made up a list of what she wanted to hear.   

She made a separate list of who she'd like to be able to talk with, even if just to be able to chat briefly with doctors, clerks at Best Buy and to tell people at Disneyland there are 4 in our group.

Here is a photo of her illustrating each item on the list.  
While she was formulating her list,  typing it up and illustrating it,  I wrote this poem:

Amanda wants an implant.
She's wanted one for years.
She has a real good reason....
....Because NOTHING'S what she hears.

She'd love to hear her dog bark,
Or scratching at the door.
Her dog tags jingle-jangling...
All of this and MORE!

This teenager's amazing!
The words she can produce!
Even some in Spanish...
Like loca, sí and luz.

Imagine how much clearer
Her communication skills would be,
If she received an implant.
I'm sure you would agree!

Of course there are no guarantees
But we can't know 'til we try.
Can't wait for activation.
There won't be a dry eye.

Jennifer Bruno Conde, Amanda's Stepmother
April 6, 2008

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