Sunday, July 13, 2008

Amanda July 6, 2008-Part 10 of 10 Captioned

Here is Part 10 of 10 video clips of Amanda 

Might as well call this the Goldy Video clip.  Watch this last video in the series and you'll know why!

We've had this little Flip Mino Videocamera a week now and I have learned SO MUCH!  I can now videotape, transfer to my MacBook Pro into iPhoto, edit in iMovie, upload to, download to for captioning and transfer to my blog at  I have just finished captioning all 10 video clips.

Nothing on this video series was rehearsed or planned.  That should be obvious!  I had sat down on the swing with the camera to learn how to use it and Amanda joined me for about 35 minutes and we just filmed away.

I wanted to get some footage before her cochlear implant surgery which was 8 days away....scheduled for July 14, 2008.  It is now July 13, 2008 so tomorrow is the big day!

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