Monday, March 16, 2009

Deaf Day @ Disneyland March 14, 2009

Amanda, her dad, Gonzálo and her brother, Joseph went to Deaf Day at Disneyland on Saturday, March 14, 2009.  

It's been 6 months since Amanda's cochlear implant was activated and her brain is still working to make sense of what she's hearing in noisy environments.  She doesn't always share freely about what she can hear, so it's exciting when she volunteers information.

When she got home, she told me that she heard the music, actors singing and speaking in the live stage play, "Aladdin" in Disney's California Adventure.  She sat up close and was especially excited to hear the Genie's voice.  :-)

Amanda used a sport band to be sure that her processor stayed firmly in place on the fast rides.  It was cold and she also kept her sweatshirt hood on most of the day.  

She posted additional Disney photos on her facebook page.  

It has been an exciting 6 months adventure and we're looking forward to the next 6 months.  Her PE teacher, Lindy texted me the other day to say that Amanda kept saying she heard a pager or something ringing.  Lindy tried to locate what it was, but couldn't figure it out.

Later she sent me another text message to say she had finally figured out what it was that Amanda had been hearing.  It was birds outside.  :-)