Friday, July 25, 2008

Amanda gets a Birthday iPod

For Amanda's 14th Birthday, she wanted nothing more than a pink iPod.  Once her CI is activated 8/12/08 we'll know a whole lot more than we do now about what kind of music she will like since she's never heard anything.

Here are some photos of our trip today to the 
Apple Store.....and Cheesecake Factory.
     Amanda offers a drink                  By a giant pink iPod          
       of water to Joseph                                                        

Some technical  discussion?  

   Gonzálo & Joseph ready                Jennifer & Amanda        
             for dessert                         posing before digging in                              


                Outside                      Heading home to figure  out 
       Cheesecake  Factory             how to use her new iPod 


Valerie said...

After my surgery, all I wanted was an ipod too! I got an itouch and use it daily. It takes a long time to get used to hearing and comprehension of music.

Tell Amanda to enjoy. It gets better each day.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Valerie! She's got her Sidekick clipped to one side and her iPod clipped to the other. Time will tell. Thanks for the encouragement!

elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda! She looks too cute in the pink shirt with a pink iPod to match. A pink girl after my own heart! Can't wait until she can use it!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! She's loving it for photos, games, and the clock, so far! We can't wait either...'til she can actually use it for music!

Shari/"Whiger" said...

Did someone say Cheesecake Factory? (plugging my ears). Okay, just a bite...

Looking forward to hearing about Amanda's CI journey.

My daughter has an Ipod. I know I want one, too. A blue one. :)

Nice to meet you. Here from Abbie's link to your site. :)

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Shari! Nice to meet you, too. I actually already have your blog included in my blog list. Wow! You've been blogging for a long time!

I'm following your CI Journey as well. Thanks for your interest in Amanda.