Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amanda - Day 3 Post Op

Hi All!

Three days post surgery...


*  Has washed her hair
*  Been able to wear her glasses
*  Went on a series of outings today

Dentist (I had a cleaning appt.) 
Library (to return books and check out new ones) 
Friend's house (so her dad could help give medicine to a cat) 
Lunch (treated by friend after assisting with cat) 
Speech clinic (hour long session) 

For the first time in her life...she heard something!  Yes, no doubt tinnitus, but it's a first for hearing anything. Having never heard anything, it's obviously difficult for her to describe. Some of you have mentioned ringing, roaring elephants, rhythmic heart beat, washing machines, etc. 

Amanda has nothing to compare with and it's not like after she is activated when we will be able to say, "That was the microwave dinging," or "That was a helicopter." 

But we have no idea what she's hearing, so we can't share our infinite wisdom. 
 We've told her that whatever it is she's hearing is common and most of the time it goes away. 

Thoughts on tinnitus? 

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