Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amanda's CI Was Activated Today!

Waiting the last torturous moments 
      in the waiting room:
    What do you mean we don't  look tortured?  
                  I guess we hide it well!
                  Joseph                      Gonzálo & Jennifer              
                 (Brother)                   (Dad)   (Stepmom)

                                      Amanda and Jane 
                             (our friend who just happens   
                                    to be the audiologist 
                                     at Amanda's school 
                                     and has known her 
                                           since age 5.)          
Amanda getting ready for her first sounds ever!

You heard that?!!

  Ooh!  Not so sure about all this!                        
  There's a whole lot of twitching goin' on!                               

Listening to my iPod is really cool!
At home checking out the Advanced Bionics Goodies!

Trying out a Hawaiian Music CD
          after a very long day!


Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hey, brilliant result on the activation. Listening to her Ipod already, woah that's QUICKK!!

how well is she hearing.

look forward to read more on her adventure with her bionic :D

katie :D

Anonymous said...

Were you all just exhausted! What an exciting day. I hope you have some video to post. Edie Gibson, Advanced Bionics

suddensilence said...

Yay -- I've been looking for a post and thinking about Amanda, wondering how her activation went. That's so wonderful! Great pictures, too. :)

Is it making her facial muscles twitch? Maybe they can adjust something to help with that, or does it go away over time?

I hope she's enjoying sound on her second day of activation!!



Olivia Hernandez said...

Jennifer tell Amanda I said Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for her! Can't believe she is already listening to an Ipod! Wow!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi KATIE, I just posted part 5 of her activation. The whole thing is related to her iPod and how much she is enjoying it...even if it's only to feel the twitching. Hopefully we'll get that taken care of real soon!

Hi EDIE, I've not got 5 parts of her video posted. There will be at least one more part. And yes we all were EXHAUSTED!

WENDI, glad you liked the pictures! I think Gonzálo got some really good ones. The one of Gonzálo and me was taken by Amanda. Yeah, her eye has been twitching, and now today, Sunday, 5 days after activation the whole side of her face twitches if her processor is set too high and there is a loud noise.

Hopefully some tweaking will help plus going away over time is another possibility. Her ENT wanted to give her some time to adjust. We went back in 3 days after activation because she wasn't hearing/feeling anything and she got updated programs. She still hasn't experienced "sound" at least we don't think so. The only thing she is still reporting (although we can see it and she doesn't have to report anything) is the twitch. Hmmm. She's not complaining and wearing her processor faithfully.

Your activation is 3 days away!!! Yipeee! Looking forward to your post!

OLIVIA, consider her congratulated! And she told me she went on your blog. :-)