Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Amanda's CI Activation Video Part 6 of 6

Here is part six of Amanda's Activation Video
August 12, 2008


Jennifer said...

Amanda and Jennifer...I have been following along and am so proud that even though the twitching seems uncomfortable, you're sticking with it and working hard to make it work for you! I hope that those nerves calm down soon and things get better and easier for you! ((hugs))

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Here's to calm nerves...in all senses!
Hugs back to you.

Jennifer and Amanda

Amy said...

whoa i can see that twitchng pretty bad, maybe you can try asking audiologist to put on different program I heard theres different sound strategies like Abbie, she had something and it was causing her eye twitching so she tried different one and it stopped. Try that or do individual beep to find which electrode thats causing the eye twitch if all 16 electrodes then try different strategies until find something that's more comfortable. or change the pulse.

here I found piece of sentence Abbie said in her blog. "HiRes-P Fidelity 120 and they changed that to HiRes-S Fidelity 120 and widened the pulse width. HiRes-P was stimulating two electrodes at once, HiRes-S is stimulating one electrode at a time"

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Amy, Yeah, it's pretty evident, huh?

During our upcoming Friday mapping we will be discussing all of these strategies and hopefully figure out how to stop this incessant twitching.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Janet said...

Jennifer & Amanda, I sure hope upcoming mappings will help with the eye twitching and with hearing more sounds. It's probably difficult to get the volume where Amanda needs it with the eye twitching going on. I'm glad Amanda seems in good spirits though and is not letting it get her down. She is a trooper!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Janet. We should know more Friday after Amanda's mapping. I've been sharing other activations with her and she's happy for you, Deb and now today with Wendi's positive start. She sure would like to hear something rather than feel it through twitching. She can identify with David's disappointment today.

Hopefully David and Amanda will have good things to report soon!