Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amanda at DCA-Last video clip before activation

Here is a video clip of Amanda and me at Disney's California Adventure (DCA)  in Anaheim, CA.  It was taken July 27, 2008, two days after Amanda's 14th birthday. We were there smack dab between her cochlear implant surgery and her initial stimulation (also known as hook up or activation.)  We are in line waiting to ride the new ride, Toy Story Mania, for the first time. 

She has been going to DCA ever since it opened February 8, 2001 when she was 6.  She has always enjoyed going to Disneyland and DCA even though she cannot hear anything.  There's certainly an abundance of things to experience through the other senses! When she was 10 she began asking for a CI partly so she could hear the music and the shows at the parks.

She wanted to go for her birthday (See post dated Tuesday, July 29, 2008 for photos) so we decided to videotape some of it to document her last quiet visit to Disneyland and DCA.  I purposely fiddled with the sound alternating between the natural resonance and the soundlessness Amanda has experienced for 14 years.


suddensilence said...

What a great video! Amanda has a terrific attitude and I think she'll handle activation and whatever it throws at her with great aplomb. :)

How fun it will be for her to experience sound the next time she visits DCA!!

Just two more days,

Wendi :)

Janet said...

Amanda is a special young lady and you, Jennifer, are a special stepmom! Amanda will do great at activation with you there to help her, no doubt about that. It's good that she knows what her options are if it's loud or not what she expects. Try to be patient with the waiting! Not easy, I know!! Two days! You can do it!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Wendi and Janet! Sometimes I think we've really prepared her well. And then other times I think, "What if she hates whatever it is she hears?! She KNOWS it may be weird and unpleasant at first and that she needs to be patient and practice listening. But DOING it is another thing.

Right now she is so stoked! Hopefully having sound for the first time in her life will be a thrill and she'll be willing to wear her processor all the time and give her little pea brain a chance to adjust.

She's looking forward to August 23rd when we're having a family/friend BBQ here. Her goal is to be able to shock people when they say, "Amanda" and she turns around and says (signs) "Yes, what."

That may be reasonable. Sigh. OH THE WAITING!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda - Today is August 12th! You must be so excited! I enjoyed watching the video of you and Jennifer at DCA. You are such a lovely young lady and I look forward to reading about your adventures with sound!
Edie Gibson
Advanced Bionics

Abbie said...

I am like patiently waiting for this post here!! :)

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Edie, Thanks for your message to Amanda. I made sure she knew you were the one that sent her the mini Buddy and Melody monkeys!

Abbie, Did you say like "patiently" I don't think so!

Plus Shari, from Literally Blindsided graciously sent me this post from a friend of mine who somehow left a comment on her Blog that was meant for me. Thanks, Slhari!

Hi Jennifer,

This is Shari. I am the Literally Blindsided blogger. I am following
Amanda's journey. :)

I wanted to let you know that I got a comment on my blog which I have
deleted. It was meant for you and I wanted you to read it so you know
you got this comment. I think he must have been blogsurfing and
mistakenly put the comment in the wrong blog. It should be below my
signature. :)

Take care. :)


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> Hi Jennifer, this is Carlos, so good to hear from you. I was totally
> inspired about your daughter's CI. It's so beautiful for you to have
> thought of doing a blog on her story. I think it's awesome.
> Hope she's doing well with her new CI. Has she experienced DCA with
> sound yet? Keep me posted.
> Take care of yourself.
> Carlos
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