Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amanda can hear something!! VIDEO CLIP

Amanda's mapping results have been interesting to say the least!

After her activation-she got twitching.  

After her first mapping after activation-she got something she could feel inside her head.

After yesterday's mapping-she got SOUND!  

Her audiologist, Fran was trying to figure out some decent maps for Amanda to try this week and was getting some very bizarre and unexpected twitching results.

During the programming, Amanda had been responding with, "Twitching,"  "Inside," or  "Both"  to indicate if she was getting twitching, an inside the head feeling, or both. We got quite an pleasant surprise when quite casually and rather nonchalantly,  Amanda announced in ASL,  "I heard it."

Just to double check, we asked, "You mean this is different from before?"  She signed, "Yes, this wasn't inside my head.  I heard this."

So we are on our way!!!

When we got home I grabbed the video camera to do a repeat filming of some of the things I taped of her in the last video clip (See Amanda's CI Activation-Part 6 of 6, posted August 19, 2008.)

First thing she tried was.........of course.......Goldy's dog tags!  She also tried the TV and flushing the toilet.  We added the dryer and ended with the microwave.

Success all around!!  Enjoy watching the video clip!  I certainly enjoyed filming, editing and captioning it!  Woo-hoo!!  It didn't even matter that we had a flat tire on the freeway on the way to her mapping appointment and made it just in time because we had allowed enough time for lunch which we didn't get until after the appointment! Don't even know why I brought it up.  None of it matters!   This was a GOOD DAY!  A VERY GOOD DAY!


elizabeth said...


leahlefler said...

How wonderful! Hopefully that eye twitch will go away soon! She's hearing sounds all over the place now!

Janet said...

Awesome!!! That is a really cool video of Amanda and I am so happy that she is hearing things!!! Toilets are loud!! LOL

Charlotte said...

Whoo hoo!, thats amazing Amanda! I have been following your progress with interest. I am nearly 2 weeks post activication and heard alot since.

Jennifer said...

Jennifer, I am over the moon! I have been SO worried about Amanda...with her being deaf from birth, I didn't know if her brain would accept the new sounds. Her being able to hear high frequency sounds is AMAZING to me! I am so proud for her!!!
What great news!! YOU GO GIRL! :)

suddensilence said...

Is that the best video or what?? I'm so absolutely thrilled that Amanda is hearing sounds now. :) That's just fantastic!!

Our microwave sounds exactly the same way, LOL!

Congratulations, Amanda!

~ Wendi

J.Matheson said...

YAY! Am glad she is able to hear something! Hope it continue to improve over the time

Karen said...

That is WONDERFUL news!!! Just awesome!!!!!!! What is the deal with all the bad luck you guys have going to the audiologist or leaving from there? I think next time you should just take a Taxi or something. LOL! Seriously though this is GREAT news!!!! I am estatic for the family and for Amanda!!!! :-)

Abbie said...

That is amazing!! Like Jennifer, I was a little worried but her brain seems to making sense out of this noisy world :)

Her reaction to toilets cracked me up. I remember being at work where there was a stall with a automatic flushable toilet that had a mind of its own. I would CRINGE lol everytime I had to go to the bathroom.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Elizabeth, Janet, Jen, Wendi, Karen and Abbie,

Thank you so much for your continuing support and interest in Amanda's CI journey. This trip has certainly had its ups and downs hmmm?

Where would we be without cyberfriends?!

I was thrilled to post such a positive experience for everyone to see!

Leah, so nice to meet you. I looked at your sensational blog about your beautiful sons Nolan and Matthew and will be following it with interest. I loved your montage and may have to do one for Amanda. I registered for because I loved your Jan 11, 2008 montage. Thank you for your comments. :-D

Charlotte, I clicked on your name and it said your blog was under construction and that you were awaiting funding for a CI. But apparently you've had the surgery! Great! Where can we get more information about you and your successful activation?

J. Matheson, Your profile is completely blocked so I don't know anything about you, mysterious guy. I've seen your posts on some of the other blogs but can't remember your situation. Do you have a CI?

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your interest in Amanda. She is REALLY SHY but is starting to enjoy the attention.

Jennifer :-D

amandakristineconde said...

Hi everyone!

It's Amanda. Thanks for all your nice comments.


Amanda :-)

Ginger said...

Hope this goes through this time. I have tried this a few times. Hey Amanda, I am so glad that your CI has been successful. I will be calling out your name at school soon :) I have enjoyed every video!!! Keep me posted. Love you all!

Ginger said...

Ah! My 5th time to try to send this! Hope this time it goes through.

Hey Amanda! I am so glad it has been so successful! I really enjoyed EVERY video :) Keep letting me know whenever there is a video!

Love you all!

P.S. Jennifer! You are doing a marvelous job doing this! HUGS

Anonymous said...

LOL I am counting as I am trying to send this to you! This will be my 6th time of trying. Hope this goes through!

Hey Amanda, yah! Your CI has been successful! I am so glad!

Keep letting me know whenever there is a new video because I enjoyed the other videos so much.

See you on Tuesday!

P.S. Jennifer, you are doing a marvelous job! Hugs

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Amanda! Yay! You are now a blogger!

FYI Everyone...Amanda started a blog tonight! You can leave comments directly for her at:

Ginger, all your comments came through! The reason they were delayed is that they come to me first before approval before they are published.

Thanks for all your positive comments kiddo! And glad you perservered!

Jennifer :-)

Shari/"Whiger" said...

Great news. I was getting worried there, but wanted to give it more time. Everyone has a different journey. I am so glad that she hears sounds now. Yes, Yah-oo!! Shoould all of us readers take the credit for all the well wishes and positive thoughts that were sent Amanda's way? I am so glad.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Shari!

Yes! Definitely you fantastic readers were a huge part of Amanda's successful journey! You guys certainly kept ME going when we had some of our lows. Like I said, without the support here and on Hearing Journeys Forum we would have felt totally alone!

Thanks all!

Jennifer :-D

Olivia Hernandez said...

Awesome news!!! Congrats!!!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Olivia! We're pleased as punch!

Jennifer :-D

Anonymous said...

Hello there-

Amanda gave me her website address today and wanted me to check. Egad, it is a blank one?! I don't blog, but want to blog at least something to say for Amanda, :)

Miss Maxwell

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hello Miss Maxwell,

Thanks for trying to access Amanda's website. You can just click on the link on my Blog List and Websites listing on the right side of my blog.

You could even type in Deaf Girl Amanda in Google and you will find it.

Amanda is excited that you and the rest of her teachers are looking at her blog.


Teto said...

Hey Amanda I am verry happy for you. Hope it gets alot better and hear better soon.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

¡Gracias Teto! Amanda tiene su misma blog ahora. El sitio es:

Ella le gustaría recibir los comentarios.

Hasta luego,