Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amanda's CI Activation Video Part 2 of 6

Here is part two of Amanda's Activation video
August 12, 2008


Lane said...

I know what Amanda's talking about!.... I had this eye twitchings too when I had mine activated in 2006.

Just one eye ball, not both. So it was weird.

It looked like she picked up the first sound only after one took me like 20 minutes before I finally answered. That's good sign for her.

She forgot to bring her monkey along?

Please tell Amanda good luck on her new journey for me.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Lane,

That's exactly what's happening with her. Only today she also added the whole right side of her face twitching if the volume is up too loud! Did you ever have that?

Ha ha ha...we would've thought she would have taken her monkey along as it was such a focal point pre and even post surgery. Oh well, she's 14 and that says a lot!

Thanks for your well wishes. Amanda is here reading along with me. :-)