Friday, August 15, 2008

Amanda's CI Activation Video Part 3 of 6

Here is part three of Amanda's Activation video
August 12, 2008


Laura's medical journey said...

i can understand how you can think its weird!! It is werrd at first but u get used to it as time goes on and the implant somehow becomes part of you. :) I hope the rest of your programming goes well! xx

Lisa Seward said...

I'm SOOOOOO excited for you, Amanda and Jennifer and the rest of the family (Goldy, too). How fun to get activated. Well, it doesn't look like it was fun at the time, but it sounds like Amanda has a great attitude to go out there and "find" the sounds she's been missing all of her life. She will improve by leaps and bounds over the coming months, and I can't wait to watch her, and then join her in this CI journey, too.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Laura, hopefully the physical stimulation Amanda is getting from the implant will become auditory stimulation and response either due to time and/or future mappings. Thanks for your support.

Hi Lisa, once this twitching stuff is taken care of we'll have more of an idea of how much benefit Amanda will actually be able to derive from the CI. Improving in leaps and bounds would be FANTASTIC! And you are getting closer to your surgery date!! I'm excited for you and will be following your journey as well!