Sunday, August 17, 2008

Amanda's CI Activation Video Part 5 of 6

Here is part five of Amanda's Activation Video-Amanda's iPod
August 12, 2008 


elizabeth said...

hmm... I've been thinking about Amanda's eye as I've been watching all of your activation videos (well done, too! great video and captioning, what a gem for you to have years from now and how awesome of you to share this with us all, by the way). Often, mapping changes occur with cochlear implants over time because the electrodes "settle in" to the cochlea and scar tissue develops around the electrode array. I wonder if, along with mapping changes, some of this "settling in" could help with her physical reactions to sound as well? Could be. It also could be just a matter of getting used to sound after going without stimulation for so long. Eventually, she might get used to more and more sound, and the eye problems will go away on their own. Either way, it's a real joy to watch her hula-ing away to her iPod music. Way to go, Amanda!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. She actually went in for a quickie mapping 3 days after initial stimulation because she couldn't hear/feel anything even at the top program at full volume.

So it appears her tolerance or whatever is building up. So hopefully that's a good sign. However she did develop a new symptom today...the right side of her face twitches if the volume is up too loud. Sigh.

So we'll be talking with the audiologist tomorrow.

HOPEFULLY things will calm down and she'll get some actual auditory benefit rather than these "interesting" physical responses. The doctor assured us there was no facial nerve problem. Hmmm.