Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amanda update-March 10, 2010

What have we been up to since my last post in early August?? Here are photos from some of our activities.

We went to Universal Studios, Hollywood later that month. Here are two photos from that day.

At the end of August we were working in a jigsaw puzzle. Amanda decided that she needed auditory stimulation so you can see her working the puzzle in this photo with her iPod and headphones. She was multi-tasking very well! She also had her Sidekick, which has since been replaced with an HTC Hero from Sprint because we got fed up with T-Mobile.

In October, we went to San Bernardino County Museum. Amanda LOVED listening to the bird call display. She could push a button to hear how different birds sound. She thought some of them sounded really WEIRD!

Here she is playing a game after her haircut and fancy french braids.

In February we went to Terp Expo in Irvine, California. Since my retirement from being a Teacher of the Deaf two years ago, I have been interpreting and pursuing my National Interpreter Certification (NIC). The last day of the expo, I took Amanda with me and she had a blast! Where else could she spend the day where EVERYONE could communicate with her.

While I was attending workshops she was hanging out and being silly with some of the staff. They were great with her!

Here she is with Peter Cook, fabulous ASL storyteller!

She also got to see special ASL Performances starring Peter Cook, Keith Wann, Crom Saunders, and Branton Stewart. She was thrilled when they posed with her after the show.

In March, my son, Joel came for a visit on leave from the Navy.

Here she is with her brother, Joseph. He will have a tracheostomy tomorrow.

Can't have a blog posting without a photo of chihuahua, Goldy!

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