Sunday, August 2, 2009


So what's Amanda been up to during the month of July? Lots!

July 3rd we went to Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. I didn't even notice until I uploaded the photos to my computer that her magnet cover matched the coral colors exactly! You will notice Amanda's new braces on her top teeth which she got June 26th. For photos of the process of getting her braces you can check out my facebook photos by following this link:

On July 12th we had the fabulous experience of meeting
Evelyn Gardner at Disneyland! She is as gracious in person as she is online. Evelyn is a bilateral cochlear implant user who has been a strong source of support for many!! It was great to meet her! July 14th was the first Amanda's anniversary of her CI surgery and Evelyn had offered much support and encouragement in the whole process.

For more photos posted on facebook of our meeting with Evelyn, follow this link:

July 25th was Amanda's 15th birthday!
We had a family birthday BBQ and swim party.

Amanda also invited three of her deaf friends from school. Amanda and the two girls, Sisilia and Dominique will both be starting high school in the fall. The boy, David is entering 7th grade. The money Amanda received as gifts will be used for Amanda to buy a new laptop with a built-in camera. She wants to use it to have ASL video chats with her deaf friends. To see more facebook photos from Amanda's party follow this link:

July 31st was
Amanda's last
day of summer school. Daddy's Rock Star arrived home and then to beat the heat we got relief from by spending time in the pool. To see more photos from that day on facebook, follow this link:


Laura's medical journey said...

looks like you had a very busy july!
hope it was all fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...Happy Birthday to A =)

Your brace looks nice! Believe that you will be pretty lady later. Beside, your party was so wonderful!! Good luck on your hoping of 2nd CI for A.

Wish you had great holiday before school.

Betty =)

amandakristineconde said...

thnx Anonymous and i was busy in july u right laura