Sunday, October 26, 2008

What does twitching look like? Video Clip

Twitching!  What does it look like?

Curious about what Amanda's NAS (Non-Auditory Stimulation) or twitching as we call it, looks is a video clip.  It is just under 8 minutes long (7 min. and 58 sec. to be exact.)

In it, her dad is videotaping while I am testing her on all three programs with the 6 Ling Sound Test (Ah, Oo, Ee, Mm, Ss, Sh) as well as listening for Goldy's dog tags and clapping.  She wanted me to test her with the volume all the way up.  She doesn't typically keep the volume this high, but from time to time she does turn it up like this.

When the volume is lower, most of the twitching is not there, but the sound is quieter except for Ss and Sh which she seems to be able to consistently hear.

For you who have cochlear implants or are involved in those who do and want details about her programing, her current mapping is as follows:

Advanced Bionics 90K Harmony

Hi Res-S w/Fidelity 120

P1 (09/12/08)  T-Mic only IDR 70

P2 (10/10/08) T-Mic only IDR 80 (newer program with wider pulse width and increased IDR)

P3 (09/12/08) Mic/Aux 50/50  IDR 70

Although all electrodes are inserted into her cochlea, she currently only has 4 of the 16 electrodes active due to trying to control the twitching.

 We are still awaiting an xray of her implant to see if there is anything internal that is causing this twitching and we have an appointment with her audiologist and an AB audiologist on Nov. 14th.

Amanda likes hearing whatever it is she's getting and can distinguish some words based on the high frequency sounds she is hearing.  If this wretched twitching could be eliminated...



elizabeth said...

Thanks for always captioning your videos so beatifully!

Charlotte said...

I am in awe with Amanda, she's wonderful and has a sense of humour despite her problems with the damn twitching. I really hope there's an answer to solve the problem.

If I go to US I must pay Amanda a visit!!!!

Awesome captioning, Jennifer.

C xx

deafgirlwhohatesstupidcelebritiesactingstupid said...

That twitching is very weird, does nobody know what is causing it?

During my mapping sessions i only experience slight eye twitching but after i leave the implant centre nothing happens. It only happens when they are testing the volumes on me.

Hope the problem is solved soon!

You are great at updating and captioning amanda's blog

Dberge said...

Hi, i found that avatar u were asking about :)

anyhow, all that twitching has got to be annoying lol!...when i first got turned on the 1st week i had pain in my head when i heard some sounds, especially when my audie did the beep was shoooting thru my head, but it went away in less then a week. I hope u guys are able to figure out whats causing the twitching and able to get it fixed :)
I love her patience and sense of humor! When i feel let down or impatient with myself with m CI i think of her and say if she can do this so can I!

Best of luck, Hugs!

Lane said...

Hi Jennifer, interesting...I only have twitchings in my eyes but not lately.

My only trouble is whenever I turn my CI on or is in loud environment, my tastebud goes funny. It never got better after two years but I could live with it.

It's great that Amanda could pick up some words or letters (I can't think what that's called). I could pick up environment sounds only.

Thanks for subtitling this video.

Anonymous said...


I have CI myself, had it for nearly 5 years but didnt wear it since my first switch on. Now, I'm wearing it full time and had to start again all over with mapping from when I first activicated my implant. Anywya, I've experienced twitching in left eye & neck and pain shooting down my neck. The people at Ear Foundation toned down my mapping so I wouldn't have anymore twitchings or pains.

Right now I am not experiencing anymore twitchings or pains. I am comfortable with my new mapping and loving every minutes of it.

Maybe Amanda's implant is a little too loud for her that's causing her to twitch?

Let me know how she's getting on?

It was interesting to see amanda switching on a clip.