Monday, October 20, 2008

Jennifer's son, Trevor visits

Here we are at Disney's California Adventure where we had a few hours to play in the park with my son, Trevor.  He will be on the Disney Cruise Line on the Magic for  6 months.  So if you happen to be going on a cruise and end up on the Magic look for Trevor as Entertainment Host.

Behind us is Hollywood Tower of Terror as Amanda poses with Trevor.   In the next photo is Amanda's brother, Joseph, her dad, Gonzálo, me, Trevor and Amanda in front.

It was Amanda's first visit to Disneyland and California Adventure since her CI was activated 2 months ago.  She still can't identify any sounds but knows she hears "something."  If it's turned up a little too loud, she gets twitching.  If it's turned down to avoid the twitching, she hears soft sounds.  Sigh.  

Her next mapping is November 14th and an Advanced Bionics audiologist will again be in attendance to see if she can help figure out why the twitching is still present, why Amanda can't hear her own voice and to assist in finding an appropriate map. 
Amanda's surgeon has authorized an xray of her head to see what's going on in there (smile)  so as soon as we hear from radiology we'll get that scheduled.

Amanda continues to enjoy hearing whatever it is that she's hearing, wears her processor faithfully and has a positive attitude about the whole thing.


Charlotte said...

Glad to read that the doc had authorised the X-rays. Fingers crossed it goes well and tells that all is well inside her cochlea.
I am in Austria at my parents house. I am hearing so much here!! Crickets, birds, tractors, chain saws etc.. it had been brilliant, and talking to my family for the first time. They was nervous but is being to understand what i am hearing.

Lots of praise for Amanda for her incredible patience with the CI, Believe me it's not easy, i had few bad days when things seems so loud and disordiented but i kept pludging through them but it's not as bad as what Amanda is going through. So lots of hugs from me for her, tell her to keep hanging there.

C xx

Laura's medical journey said...

AW Disney! I bet she loved it! Im sorry she seems to be having problems with hearing cetain sounds, Hopefully the x ray will get to the bottom of it all! or the next programming!
Im glad shes keeping a positive attitude Thats what u need! Blissfully unawareness really isnt it when you're a kid!

Kim said...

We love Disney Magic!! Wish we could go again. It was a great trip out of Florida - is that where he will be based out of?


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Charlotte! Wow, Austria. My son, Trevor was just there. I'm excited that you are hearing so much there and being able to talk with your family. I WISH things would sound loud for Amanda! Yesterday she heard me crunching on popcorn but not herself. Sigh. Have FUN and let us know what else you hear! :-)

Hi Laura! Yeah, she just takes everything in stride. Whatever it is that she's hearing, she is enjoying it. She started giggling yesterday listening to me crunch popcorn. I see you left a comment on her blog. Thanks!

Yep Kim, Trevor is based out of Florida. In fact he just flew there today from Los Angeles to begin his 6 months. :-D