Monday, December 22, 2008

Amanda is hearing lots of new things!

SMOOCH!  "I heard that!"

Dad & Joseph: "Amanda!"
Amanda:  "What?"

Since Amanda's last mapping a month ago she has been hearing more and more each day!  In fact she just posted a new blog entry with photos of some of the new things she is hearing.  

It's pretty amazing since she has only been activated since August (4 months ago) and had NEVER EVER heard anything before. 

One of Amanda's goals for herself was to be able to have people call her name and have her be able to answer and say, "What?"  

After she posted her blog entry tonight, she was surprised to hear herself kissing her chihuahua, Goldy. 

Last week Amanda and I were playing cards and Amanda could hear the difference between 8 and ace!   They looked the same on the lips but she could hear the "t" at the end of eight and the "s" at the end of ace.

Check out her blog entry:  Deaf Girl Amanda

And below, if you didn't have a chance to view them, are two videos of us doing two elf dances; a Disco Elf dance and a Country Elf dance.  Amanda can more easily follow the music and dance moves since her cochlear implant.

The videos will be available until mid January.  Let me know what you think of our fabulous moves!


leahlefler said...

Yay for hearing new things! I love her blue processor- very cool color. Have you been back to Disney recently to see how much more she can hear? We're taking the boys in April (family is in southern CA) and it will be interesting to see what Nolan thinks of all the hussle and bustle!

Anonymous said...

wow! really good news :) She can her name now! I am glad that she can hear much better now! Believe that she can hear lots of different sound on Christmas.

Will she have mapping again? If yes, please keep this program, as you said that she can hear sound, like "t".

I wish I could hear someone calling my name, but not anymore now.

And I cannot wait for your video :), wish you a merry christmas and a happy news year!

Betty :)

Charlotte said...

Awesome and just in time for xmas!
My mum and dad had just arrived in UK, they have been to my house today doing few things around the house for me then I said that door do squeak they looked at me surprised, it had been sqeaking for 2 years and it bothers you now!!
Jennifer, Amanda, Gonzalo, Joseph and of course Goldy, have a lovely Christmas and happy new year. Charlotte xxxx

Laura's medical journey said...

looks like she is doing well jennifer!!

May she even hear MORE sounds!!!

suddensilence said...

What a fantastic update, and love the videos too :-) hee hee

Amanda met her goal of hearing her name being called...that is awesome! And telling the difference between 8 and ace is really hard...way to go, Amanda!

Merry Christmas!

~ Wendi

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi LEAH! Amanda is waiting for a pink processor far not available yet, but she does love her blue one!

Yes, we went to Disneyland earlier this month and again yesterday and she was bombarded with sound. Sometimes there is so much sound that she can't really distinguish what it is she's hearing, but knows it's something. She could feel some of the fireworks and could hear some of it.

Nolan and Matthew are adorable! Love your uses for pilot caps!

Have fun when your go to Disneyland in April!

BETTY, Yeah, we're pretty pleased right now and hope this program will stay as successful in the future. Her next mapping won't be for another two months.

I posted two videos before this last post. They were us dancing as elves! Pretty silly!

CHARLOTTE, how was it visiting with your Dad in person, other than the squeak incident?

Thanks for the holiday wishes to my family! Same to you and yours!

LAURA, We sure hope she will continue to hear more sounds. It was kind of a slow start, but we're optimistic she'll progress even more!

WENDI, Amanda only thought about environmental sounds before she was implanted, and of course we wanted them for her as well. BUT we had always hoped it would help with her speech and to aid in her lipreading ability. PROOF POSITIVE!

She just came in to talk to me about something and asked if I could hear her dad playing the electronic keyboard. I said I could and asked her if she could. Nonchalantly she said she could. I was shocked because it is way down the hall and she couldn't hear it before unless she was right there. Woo-hoo!

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Karen Putz said...

Congrats on the new sounds and progress!

Manda the Photographer said...

So glad to know that Amanda is doing well after 4 months since her implant. Sound like she know the meaning when people call her name in very strict way. She probably thoughts she was in trouble! I know when people do that to me... Amanda, take my advice... run away and hide or say "I didn't do it! lol Hope you had a great xmas and all the best for new year 2009.