Sunday, November 23, 2008

Amanda's 3 months mapping-Video Clip

Here is a short captioned video clip (2 minutes and 52 seconds) of a portion of Amanda's 3 month mapping (11/14/08) to go along with the previous post below, dated November 16, 2008.

The actual appointment was about an hour and 15 minutes.

Amanda really likes the 3 channel program and has been using it consistently for a week now.  She's got less twitching and is able to detect as well as discriminate and identify more sounds.

We're optimistic and pretty satisfied right now!


Charlotte said...

Must be so funstrating for Amanda and the Audi, you, the family. I admire for Amanda's patience! If it was me i would be tearing my hair out!

I hope you all are well.

deafgirlwhohatesstupidcelebritiesactingstupid said...

Hi, do you know why amanda has facial twitching? During mapping(i have nucleus freedom) every year since iv been implanted, my eye slightly twitches, sometimes it is noticetable sometimes it is not. they werent able to turn my map up as they tried it on a louder volume and tested me by clapping and knocking the table which set off my eye. it is quite frustrating because i really wanted my ci to be louder but they wouldnt do it in case i have a twitch all the time. i admire amanda as she doesnt seem to complain about her eye twitch and shes totally happy with her ci!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Charlotte, frustrating for us and the audiologist but not so much for Amanda. She seems to be accepting each thing she hears as a little gift after never having heard anything in her life. Hopefully that positive attitude will continue. :-)

Dgwhscas, Regarding Amanda's facial's a puzzle. Her audiologists have only seen the kind of twitching you describe; very minor and in the eye. They have no idea why the twitch is in her eye, face and neck when it REALLY gets going! But, you're right. She does not complain and is very happy with her CI!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer

Thanks for posting video. It is also good process for Amanda but it is very important that Amanda accepts.

Well, please don't be frustrating....because Amanda got implant when she is 14. I also looks like her that I have implant when I was 13. Actually, I wanted to implant when I was 10, but Australia Doctor didn't allow me to have as he said that I was over nine years old! And he made the excuse that one deaf person who 14, wanted to take off CI. So he thought me would be as like him.

It was very sad news! Australia doctor didn't allow me to have, otherwise he said if I can give money, he would allow me to implant. I felt he made unfair for me.....because my mate who is 10, she has got implant!

That's why he made my parents feel very very sad. After two years, we went back to HK for life, and I have implanted in HK. Unlucky, HK don't have good speech professors. HK is a quick place, everything is too force me have much stressful.

Now, I finished my university in HK. I am working now :)

So you have to patient for Amanda. Let her to hear the nature sounds by herself. Don't be force her as quick. Because we are over rule of ages to get CI. You know that children can hear easy with CI, because their brain is growing.

We are not! So we need to hear, be nature. I believe Amanda's brain would be understand as soon! For another CI, I think you needs to ask Amanda, to wait one year or later more matter. Because her twitching is going to be slight. She needs to hear more sound firstly, and after she can get another CI. I think it is much better for her.

It is my opinion :P , hope can be helpful for you.

I am glad that She loves CI. No matter what she can hear, is perfect!

(From HK)

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

I'm glad Amanda accepting on what she hears and not too upset with the limited setting she has.

I really do enjoying looking at amandas blogs. Your pictures are sooo amazing and i enjoy looking at them.

Really love to sort a date at one weekend where i could practise my asl with you and amanda. :-) and maybe i could teach you BSL too.

Keep smilin amanda!