Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jennifer's son, Joel visits!

My son, Joel, who is in the Navy and stationed in Hawaii, came for a very brief visit.   Here he is with me, and then with Amanda and getting a kiss from Goldy.


Shari/"Whiger" said...

Hope he can visit again soon. Goldie looks like a lovable dog.

My nephew is in Iraq and has to stay for 18 months. It'll be a year in November, so he's more than half way through his deployment. :)

Amy said...

How is amanda doing so far? Been waiting for update :-)

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Shari, the Navy is unpredictable with granting leaves, so no telling when we'll see Joel again. My other son, Trevor should be dropping by within the next two weeks or so. So that will be a treat as well.

Goldy looks loveable like we're not supposed to let the name Angel fool us. If you get my drift. She's a chihuahua.

Hope your nephew has a safe tour of duty and glad he is over half way through!

Amy, thanks for asking about Amanda. She had a mapping today so I will be posting an update soon.

Jennifer :-)